Monday, July 24, 2006


News just coming in off the press as we write
Grand Union are hoping to enlist the help of some new Blog

Any interested party wishing to add their twopenny worth please contact the editor


Blogger Moonquill said...

I hope I’m not too far outside my usual realms, because I found Grand Union’s blog page through, shall we say, related parties. (I don’t wish to implicate myself in any suspected artistic crimes, because in all likelihood, I will offend again. But in my own defense, I committed those said artistic crimes because of that guy. I’ve decided it’s really his fault. He’s very fetching with magical powers he denies having and can use them to effect people in foreign countries. Still for the life of me, I can’t remember his name.) Sorry, I’m sleepy and getting way off topic. But I very much enjoyed your “Angel Delight” video. The opening track was especially wonderful, and the featured performance was both folk-funky and down to earth.

So how do those of us poor souls stranded in the U.S. get a hold of your latest CD? Perhaps you could post direct links to where one can find it. Thanks again for the lovely tunes.

Wing Girl Perched on the Moon

9:55 AM  
Blogger Simon said...

Hi you lot - you still at least getting comments from this? I'd say hello via myspace, but I'd have to set up an account... ;-)

Anyway, t'other Simon from Braemar Road here, calling in to see how you're doing - any localish gigs?

Also - every time I go to the car boot sale I think 'I must get intouch and pick up my flugelhorn' - which is what I'm doing, I guess. Drop me an email - brentford (at) gmail - couldn' be simpler... ;-)

5:54 AM  

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